Reform – A Discussion Paper

This discussion paper was written by Michael Siggs for the Legacy East Almshouse Partnership in November 2013

Almshouses have been the living expression down the centuries …Read More

Living Safely & Well at Home Project

The project is funded by Nationwide through its Citizenship at Nationwide programme, and aims to help deliver Nationwide’s commitments under the ‘Your Home’ element of …Read More

Key materials

Care Act 2014 – DH draft guidance, Chapter 3, Information and advice

This chapter provides guidance on section 4 of the Care Act 2014, and covers:

The …Read More

EAC Forward Plan 2012 and Report 2014


1.  Preamble
1.1  Who are we?
1.2  Why do we exist?
1.3  Who is this document for?

2.  Background to our plan
2.1  External context
2.2  Our recent successes
2.3  Challenges

3.  Services …Read More