Getting further financial advice

EAC understands that older people’s choices and decisions about their care and housing involve financial considerations, and therefore we aim to provide, through EAC FirstStop Advice, as much information as we can to help our clients assess their options with a full understanding of any financial consequences.

Our Advisors are trained to be able to provide detailed information and guidance information about state benefits and entitlements, and to explain in outline the main types of commercial ‘financial products’ of particular relevance to older people. Our HousingCare website also provides similar information and explanations.

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Contact EAC FirstStop for financial advice on 0800 377 7070

Where our Advisors believe that a client might benefit from more specialist advice than we can provide, or advice more specific to their circumstances, we suggest that they consider seeking this elsewhere. We recommend the same to our website users.

For further information, advice or help claiming state benefits, we suggest one or more non-profit advisory agencies, perhaps including one of our FirstStop partner organisations. Should a client wish it, we will make a referral or signpost to one of more of these agencies.

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Contact EAC FirstStop Advice on 0800 377 7070 for details of agencies that provide benefits advice

For further information and advice about investments, insurances, equity release and other ‘financial products’, only regulated Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) can provide this. However FirstStop Advisors can outline the framework of regulation, qualification and accreditation that exists in the UK, and should our client wish, we can provide details of local SOLLA accredited IFAs.

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Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA)

We also explain the role of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). Membership of SOLLA is open only to individual IFAs (not companies), and requires that they gain accreditation in advising older people. To our knowledge SOLLA is the only IFA trade body that requires its members to achieve such accreditation and to adhere to a professional Code of Practice.

To find out more about SOLLA, or for details of SOLLA members who cover your location and/or have relevant specialisms, contact us on 0800 377 7070 or:

Read more about SOLLA on its website

Find an IFA that is a member of SOLLA

We emphasise that we cannot recommend any individual SOLLA member, and also that EAC receives no reward of any kind for providing its telephone clients or website users with information about them or any other IFAs.

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