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Local commissioners

FirstStop’s partnership approach to the delivery of good quality, independent and impartial information and advice has proven itself over more than 5 years. It is now working successfully with 25 local partner organisations, helping to deliver fully integrated housing and care options advice services via its websites, a national Advice Line and local Advisors/Caseworkers.

Independent evaluation of FirstStop services provides strong evidence of our ability to deliver both locally required outcomes and high client satisfaction. During 2014-15 we, local and national partners together, have focused on ensuring that FirstStop is fully ready to help local and health authorities to meet the challenges presented by the Care Act 2014 – including the provision of comprehensive information, advice and support to help older people live safely and well at home for longer.

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Local organisations and advice services

FirstStop’s experience of working with local voluntary and statutory agencies over the last 5 years has produced a rich legacy of experience, information and learning resources, practice examples, I&A tools and independent service evaluation – all of which are freely available for local organisations to draw on.

FirstStop’s Quality Assurance Framework is a practical and valuable benchmarking tool and guarantee of quality service. The FirstStop model of partnership delivery by local and national network members has proved itself, and we welcome new partners willing to work with us to meet the challenges of developing, delivering and sustaining good quality housing and care options advice services in an ever more challenging environment.

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Older people

Our selection of recent case examples illustrate the kind of questions and problems clients put to us, and the ways in which we can help.

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Evidence from independent research into FirstStop

Cambridge University (CCHPR) has undertaken independent evaluation of FirstStop Advice throughout the last 4 years, and has published a number of reports, including:

All CCHPR reports, including source data, can be found elsewhere in this website and on the Cambridge University website:

View FirstStop independent evaluation reports on this site

View FirstStop independent evaluation reports on Cambridge University site

New FirstStop partnership extends across Lancashire
New FirstStop partnership extends across Lancashire

A partnership agreement between FirstStop and Preston Care & Repair, signed on 1st July 2015, aims to imp

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