Introduction to our ‘Planning Ahead’ survey

EAC are pleased to announce that we are running a survey that asks adult children how they are ‘Planning Ahead’ with their parents for future housing and care arrangements. We hope that this will provide a useful insight into the difficult conversations that families often face when planning for later life, such as; where would I like to live if I can no longer cope in my own home? and What would happen if friends/family were no longer in a position to support me?

As Independent Age identified in their recent report We need to talk about caring: dealing with difficult conversations there can be a real reluctance amongst families to talk about, what are often, emotional topics that can be vital to maintaining independence, health and relationships. From our research we are hoping to explore the common concerns amongst adult children and gather some insight as to how much support adult children, who often have families of their own as well as work commitments, are providing to their ageing parents.

Why is EAC co-ordinating this research?

Elderly Accommodation Counsel have been the leading housing advice charity for older people for over 30 years and, through our FirstStop Advice service, we also specialise in advising people on care options and associated finances in later life. With this in mind we feel that we have the necessary experience, industry reputation and expertise to find out more about what steps people are taking to plan ahead for later life and make an objective analysis of this data which we will initially make available to the organisations we work in partnership with, before providing the public with access to our conclusions and recommendations.

In addition, over EAC’s history we have been approached by various commercial organisations who have requested for our assistance with running surveys on their behalf. One of the key reasons for this is that they understand we are a trusted industry name when it comes to housing and care options for older people and the impact that these decisions can have on, not just the older person themselves, but also their family. Therefore, as well as building our reputation as a research body, we are keen to embrace working relationships with commercial organisations who we feel share our aim to help older people, and their families, make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs.

When do you expect to announce the results of the survey?

Our aim is to make this information publically available by December 2016, although organisations that EAC FirstStop work in partnership will be provided with this information prior to this date. Find out more about becoming a FirstStop partner, here.

How can I access the survey to provide you with my views on planning ahead for my parents?

The survey can be accessed here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MZLHT3B

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  1. Hello, has this report been published yet? I am unable to find it online. Please send me a link if it is, or let me know when it will be available. Thank you!

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