Local Quality Standards

The FirstStop Quality Assurance Framework is a generic tool to monitor the quality of housing and care options advice and information services. It is used by EAC to monitor FirstStop's national service, and will be equally useful to local FirstStop delivery partners as a resource for self-assessment and external accreditation.  It can be used for all types of interaction with customers - face to face, telephone, email and letter - though it is primarily produced with face to face advice and casework in mind.

The framework is necessary to demonstrate to people who use our services, to funders and to other partners, FirstStop’s commitment to a quality service. It links well to other quality frameworks, reflecting them in relation to organisational processes and procedures, but also offers a distinctive approach by setting out and assessing what makes for a good quality housing and care options advice and information service.

Download complete document
FirstStop Quality Standards Framework 2014.pdf

Download individual sections

FirstStop Quality Standards Framework 2014.doc
Appendix A - service definition.doc
Appendix B - assessment tools.doc
Appendix B1 - monitoring standards advisers Jan 14.doc
Appendix B2 - monitoring standards organisation.doc
Appendix B3 - checklist for assessing if housing and care options services provided.doc

EAC National Housing for Older People Awards
EAC National Housing for Older People Awards

As the 2014 Awards are launched, we look at what they offer our FirstStop partners

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