Introducing Independent Living Advisers (ILA)

A core part of the work done by EAC’s FirstStop advisors is to provide information to older people and their families on care options that may be available to them in later life. Traditionally there were two options available to older people, should they require care services; care at home or care in a care home.

However, in Kent a new social enterprise, Independent Living Advisers, is offering an innovative service for older people.

The ILA service is centred around a dedicated adviser who is a healthcare professional. The adviser works with each senior client, and where appropriate the family, to develop a support plan tailored to the client’s needs and preferences and covering all elements required for happy, healthy and safe independent living. The adviser then organises all elements of the plan, using their knowledge of how to navigate the system, and drawing in the best services from the public, charity and private sectors.

The ILA Adviser is locally based and visits regularly to ensure everything is going well. If additional support is required, they will work with the client to increase the support and ensure they are receiving the right level of care. ILA offers 2 services:

1. At Home – An holistic service aimed at seniors with low-mid level needs focused on ‘prevention better than cure’ and supporting seniors to live full and enjoyable lives whilst reducing risks of a crisis;

2. LifeLine – A focused service aimed at seniors and families where a crisis has struck. ILA works intensively with the family, senior and NHS to support clients in getting back home into independent living and reducing the risks of a crisis or incident recurring.

The ILA service is client centred and covers all areas important to independent living including:

• Physical and Mental Health
• Mobility support
• Home repairs
• Wills and Power of Attorney
• Gardening
• Help with finances
• Protection from nuisance calls
• Connecting to support groups, clubs and new friends
• At home care
• Living aids e.g. alarms
• Visual and hearing impairment solutions


Our FirstStop Advice service is frequently contacted by older people and their family members who wish to remain living at home but are concerned that they will not be able to access the home services that they require at the time when they need them the most. For some the opportunity to have an ILA Adviser working with the older person to define and put in place the support needed for happy and safe independent living at home may be very attractive.

A significant part of maintaining independence is prevention and early-access to support, two of the key themes set out in the 2014 Care Act and the main aims of an ILA adviser. Often older people living in their own home won’t ask for assistance or consider their options until they reach a crisis point, often caused by a fall, illness or isolation. An ILA adviser’s role is to be a point of contact from which a property can be maintained and adapted, meals can be delivered, domestic help can be arranged and care services implemented if required.

As EAC understands the necessity for choice in later life, we are pleased to be working in partnership with ILA for the purpose of making older people in Kent aware of their service and supporting their development with our expertise and knowledge.

Read more at: www.ILA.life

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