A number of new reports and publications provide useful information which may be helpful for local housing and care options advice services. These include:

The health and care of older people, published by Age UK. The report presents an updated analysis of the state of social care, as well as examining key trends across the NHS, and presents the latest insights into the health and care needs of an ageing population.

Housing: Just what the doctor ordered, published by Sitra and the NHS Alliance. This is described as a handbook to guide housing and housing support organisations through the process of developing relationships with CCGs and NHS providers, and the types of offers that may be of interest to GPs.

Case studies of health and housing links, published on Care & Repair England’s website. There are four case studies, all from local FirstStop partners (two from Age Uk Norfolk, and one each from Age UK Warwickshire and West of England Care & Repair). Each case study provides information about local services which have been developed to help join up health and housing services, advice and support.

Helping hand for the vulnerable, an article on the Local Government website, describing Manchester Care & Repair’s Home from Hospital service which has been running since 2012 and is supported by local authorities and NHS services. Based on the success of this service, in 2014 Manchester Care & Repair was commissioned by North Manchester CCG and Manchester City Council to provide a 7-days a week enhanced hospital discharge service.

Get up and go, produced by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists with Public Health England (and Saga). Described as ‘a guide to staying steady’, it tackles some common myths about falls and provides advice about ways to prevent them, including a chapter on ‘falling proof your home’.

Older Owners, published by the Strategic Society Centre, describes the lives, aspirations and housing outcomes of older homeowners in the UK. The report notes that the vast majority of older people like their present neighbourhoods. Whilst 19% indicate that they would like to move, only 4% expect to do so within the next 12 months.

And finally a report from Savills, Housing an Ageing Population, which includes reflections on the issue of older people moving home. The report focuses on the two challenges of unlocking the equity tied up in housing owned by older people (otherwise referred to as down-sizing) and making more efficient use of the housing stock.

This article was written by Dave Eldridge on 30 October 2015

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