Age UK Oxfordshire

Age UK Oxfordshire is a local, independent charity which has worked for older people for 40 years. We are passionately committed to securing comfort, support and opportunities to have a life worth living for people growing older in Oxfordshire.

We deliver services, opportunities and advice for everyone over 50, helping people to stay at home in the community, keeping healthy and active, taking part in life around them and accessing support at times of transition.

Examples of our work

A very active and able 88 year old client contacted us seeking information on supported living and options for the future when she might need assistance.   The client, a home owner, had no close family who could assist.   Whilst the client is currently very mobile and capable they were seeking information to enable them to plan for future needs.

The client was given a variety of information covering sheltered residential accommodation to Extra Care Home facilities and BUPA managed accommodation.  We were also able to give the client contacts for financial arrangements and organisation that could assist with the actual move when the time came.

This client was able then to consider what was most suitable for their needs and look at the options before they needed to take advantage of them – being proactive instead of reactive.

This is a good example of how Housing Options can support clients when they are planning for their future needs rather than dealing with a problem when it becomes a crisis.

Key people and contact details

  • Paul Cann is our Chief Executive
  • Alice Runnicles is Director of Policy and Empowerment
  • Vickie Zielinski is our Housing Choices case worker and can be contacted through our main office number, 0844 8870005

Abingdon Office and Headquarters

Age UK Oxfordshire
St Edmund House
39 West St Helen Street
OX14 5BT

Tel: 0844 887 0005
Fax: 01235 849 449


News about us

Never too late to learn

Discover the benefits of digital technology

There are over 20 Million people over the age of 50 in the UK, and more than half (approx 51%) of people aged 75 or over are living alone, with many feeling isolated and lonely always or often.

Having access to the internet can help people to reach out and make that connection with others, by giving opportunities to communicate with friends, family and like-minded people. It can also be used for accessing important information, making purchases and using services.

We run computer lessons at our Abingdon Centre on West St Helen Street, providing opportunities for everyone over the age of 50 to find out more about computing; from learning the basics, to tracing relatives, shopping online, emailing, using Skype, digital photography and much more.

In a welcoming and friendly atmosphere our team of volunteer IT tutors offer guided, supported and tailored lessons.