Middlesbrough Staying Put

Staying Put is Middlesbrough’s Home Improvement Agency, for over 21 years we have been providing help to older, vulnerable and disabled residents of the town.

Mission: ‘The purpose of the agency is to make a positive difference within the Middlesbrough area by improving the health, well-being and quality of life for older, vulnerable and disabled clients, helping them continue to live independent, comfortable and safely in their home environment’

Strategic Objectives:

  • To help increase the number of people successfully discharged from hospital to their own home
  • To help reduce the number of emergencies among people living independently, which may result in more intensive services being required
  • To help increase the number of people who are living in their chosen environment in safety and with dignity
  • To help reduce the number of falls which result in serious injury
  • To extend the healthy life expectancy of older people by improving the quality of homes in order to reduce fuel poverty, prevent ill health and accidents
  • To help tackle some of the causes of ill health associated with living in poorly insulated homes and reduce excess winter deaths
  • To help people access unclaimed benefit and other services that helps them remain living independently at home
  • To deliver services which are timely and represent good value for money


  • Client’s should retain the greatest possible control over their lives
  • Client’s should be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity
  • Client’s should be involved in the decision making process
  • Client’s views will be sought on the quality of the service provided and  these views will influence and shape future service delivery
  • The diverse needs of the clients (including cultural diversity) will be recognised


  • The Agency will adopt a person centred approach
  • The Agency will provide sufficient information to enable the customer to make informed choices, including advising the customer in advance of any financial contribution they will be required to make and keeping the customer information of what is happening at each appropriate stage

Our services

Middlesbrough Staying Put Agency offers a range of practical services for older people in the Middlesburgh area. Please click on the link below to find out more.

Examples of our work

Mr A was referred to the Agency via Social Services Hospital Team to investigate several major repair and heating issues with his home. He has been in Hospital several times this year with health issues. He has also been subject to financial abuse through some local people who had befriended him, the police have been involved.

The caseworker has had several meetings with family and social workers to determine what financial state Mr A is in now and make sure his income is maximised. A Decent Homes Survey has been carried out on the property and a list of works needed has been identified and is currently being drawn up. To make sure that Mr A is as safe and comfortable for now, CO Monitors and a microwave have been installed. A referral has been made to the agency’s partner who delivers boiler/central heating replacements.

Rehousing was looked into and discussed but the initial feedback was that nothing would move very quickly as Mr A already had a property.

A major hurdle has arisen as we have found that the house was left by his step mother to 2 family members (who he has no contact with) but the will stipulates they cannot have the property until Mr A moves out. The caseworker is currently looking into this issue with Mr A’s brother.

Key people and contact details

Martin Robinson is our Housing Options Advisor and Caseworker.
Suzanne Hodge manages the Staying Put Agency.
Shirley Pew is our Support & Development Officer.
Wayne White Leads the Technical Team.
David Myers and Barry Brown are the Technical Officers.
Sharon Bone is our Progress Co-ordinator .
Contact Matin at:

General contact details:
Freephone: 0800 5875184

Email:  stayingputagency@middlesbrough.gov.uk

Write: Middlesbrough Staying Put Agency, Middlesbrough Council, PO Box 504, Civic Centre, Middlesbrough, TS1 9FY

Website: Middleborough Staying Put

News about us

Electrical Safety Council Funding

For the fourth year in a row the Staying Put Agency was successful in gaining a grant from the Electrical Safety Council (ESC), for the following types of essential minor electrical work which can be carried out in older & disabled people’s homes.

  • Periodic inspections
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Repairs/replacement of lighting for electrical safety reasons
  • Repairs/replacement of electrically-powered showers
  • Repairs/replacement of immersion and water heaters
  • Relocation or installation of additional electrical sockets to make them more accessible
  • Replacement of broken electrical accessories such as light switches and sockets
  • Necessary upgrading of earthing, bonding and consumer units for safety reasons
  • Contribution towards the cost of a full or part electrical rewire – up to the maximum grant of £500 per property

MMAMS – Middlesbrough Mobile Adapt and Mend Scheme (Handyperson) “Low Level Repairs”.

The Agency is now running a service to help residents of Middlesbrough who do not qualify for the free handyperson scheme, but are still looking to get minor repairs or small jobs done. They must be over 60, owner occupier, disabled or vulnerable.

The cost is just £10 per hour plus the cost of any materials used. Maximum time allowed per visit is 3 hours for jobs including:

Joinery Works:

Repairing floorboards or skirting boards, letterbox replacement, putting up or repair shelving, hanging single doors, replacing door locks, small repairs to timber window frames, installing security door chains and spy holes.

Plumbing Works:

Replacing washers in taps, replacing sink/bath plugs and chains, unblocking kitchen sinks, repairing leaks to water pipes, replacing washers or ballcock’s to cisterns, replacing toilet seats and covers and applying sealant in kitchens and bathrooms.

General Works:

Changing light bulbs and security light bulbs (height restricted), re-taping carpest to avoid tripping hazards, fitting client supplied window coverings, letterbox replacements, putting up and repairing shelving, fitting wireless doorbells, small repairs to gates/fencing, fitting telephone extension leads, making garden paths safe, furniture assembly, patch repairs to plaster and small decorating jobs such as painting an internal door.

For more information call 0800 5875184 or 01642 729150

Email: stayingputagency@middlesbrough.gov.uk

Website: www.middlesbrough.gov.uk/spa