Age Concern Kingston

Age Concern Kingston is the largest and most successful independent voluntary organisation supporting, and working with, older people in south west London.
We offer a range of services and projects, both building-based and in the community, designed to support people's independence and well-being.
We work in ways that are person-centred, so that when someone first approaches us, a whole array of services is made easily accessible.
We want to make a real difference to those who use our services, and help improve their quality of life.

Age Concern Kingston

Our services

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An example of the work we do

Mr A has serious mobility problems and has difficulty walking around his bungalow even with a stick. Living alone since the death of his wife 5 years ago, his poor balance means that he is in danger of falls and cannot use the bath safely. He admits that he can no longer be bothered to cook. He recognises his frailty and expressed his fear of being alone – and of going into a residential home. But at the same time he had resisted having home care.

Our handyperson became involved simply to remove some of the clutter than Mr A had accumulated. But after that he agreed to having his shower repaired and grab rails fitted. He also agreed to an appointment with our caseworker, gave permission for her to talk to Mr A’s family, and later asked for help to go to look at some sheltered housing near them. Mr A is now well on the way to selling up and moving.

Age Concern Kingston

Key people & contact details

  • Tom Bell is our Community Services Development Manager
  • Tulloch Kempe is our Stay Well at Home Service Manager

News about us

EAC National Housing for Older People Awards
EAC National Housing for Older People Awards

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