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One of the key aims of the FirstStop website is to report on, and showcase, best practice in local and national information & advice delivery. We therefore want to write up individual projects and their associated case studies so that this thought leadership can be passed on and lessons can be learnt.

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I&A projects

Care & Repair Leeds – Housing Options

Care & Repair Leeds is an independent Home Improvement Agency covering the whole of Leeds Metropolitan District Council area with a population of 750,000 people, and has been in existence for over 27 years. The aim of the agency is to create safe, …Read More

Care & Repair Worcestershire Housing & Care Options

The service provided information, advice and practical help to enable people to access appropriate housing and care through a person-centred approach which enables them to make informed choices, and thereby improve their quality of life by providing: A …Read More

EAC Resident Consultation Service (RCS)

The EAC card game, a new method of consulting residents of retirement and extra care housing, was first developed and trialled in 2009 with the support of the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Housing Learning & Improve …Read More

Age UK Warwickshire – Housing Options

Age UK Warwickshire (AUKW) provides a range of services across Warwickshire which are used by 10,000 older people each year. We aim to assist over 50s to continue enjoying choice and independence in how and where they live their lives. Our housing-focu …Read More

City of York Council – Housing Options Advice Service

City of York Council (CYC) has an outstanding track record of providing advice and information for older people. We work in partnership with other housing providers across the region to provide a co-ordinated approach towards housing and housing advice …Read More

Age UK West Cumbria

The aim of Age UK West Cumbria (AUKWC) is to ensure that people living in Allerdale and Copeland can maintain their independence through informed choice, social activities and person centred services in later years. AUKWC has centres in Millom, Whiteha …Read More

Age UK Northumberland – Housing Options Advice Service

Age UK Northumberland (AUKN) is a trusted source of advice and advocacy in Northumberland with acknowledged expertise in working collaboratively with partners and in the design and planning of projects for older people. Our telephone advice line is wel …Read More

Spire Homes – Housing Options Advice Service

Spire Homes is the largest social housing provider in East Northamptonshire and Rutland and also has properties in Wellingborough. The Housing and Care Options service is provided by the Care and Repair team at Spire Homes. Care and Repair’s primary ai …Read More

Age UK Norfolk – Housing Options Advice Service

Age UK Norfolk provides a wide range of support to older people and their carers. This includes information, advice and advocacy, residential respite, housing with care, day services, befriending, home help and support for people with dementia and thei …Read More

Middlesbrough Staying Put – Housing Options Advice Service

Middlesbrough Staying Put is a long-established home improvement agency providing advice and practical support to enable older, vulnerable and disabled people to stay in their own home. From 2013 to 2016 the agency was been able to develop the scope of …Read More

Age UK Isle of Wight – Housing & Care Options Service

AgeUK Isle of Wight (AUKIW) is the leading charity working with, and for, older people on the Isle of Wight. There are 23,160 people aged 65-79 and 9794 people aged 80 and over living on the Isle of Wight (2011 Census data). The Isle of Wight has an ag …Read More

WE Care & Repair Housing & Care Options Advice Service

West of England Care & Repair (WEC&R) is an independent home improvement established in 1986. Our mission is to enable older (60 years+) and disabled people (of any age) to continue living independently. We primarily work with homeowners and pr …Read More

Age UK Hillingdon – Housing & Care Options Advisor

About one fifth of Hillingdon’s population, about 26,000 people, is aged 70 or over. Age UK Hillingdon currently reaches 12,000 older people in Hillingdon, about one third of the older population of the borough, nearly a quarter of whom are in receipt …Read More

Age UK Wigan Borough – Housing & Care Options Advisor

Wigan Borough has a rapidly growing older population, and by 2026 over 65s will make up 21.5% of the population and 2.7% will be over 85. Most over 65s have two or more health conditions and over 75s have three or more. The need for good quality, consi …Read More

Housing Options for Older People (HOOP)

The project brought together leading researchers in the field of housing and older people and the resources and the commitment of a range of agencies concerned with the provision of accommodation and/or information & advice, to achieve a better und …Read More

Orbit East Care & Repair (Suffolk)

EAC FirstStop began funding the position of a Housing & Care Options Advisor at Orbit East Care & Repair from October 2013 as part of a funding programme from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), initially this position w …Read More

Preston Care & Repair (Lancashire)

Six Home Improvement Agencies work across Lancashire to provide an Integrated Home Improvement Service. The Service is commissioned by Lancashire County Council to ensure local residents have access to a wide range of information, advice and practical …Read More

Age UK Salisbury District – Housing & Care Options Advisor

During the 18 month funding period over 1800 older people were provided with information about housing and care options, over 230 people have been provided with advice about their housing and care need and over 100 older people whose situation required …Read More

A housing MOT service for older people in Manchester

Put simply, we want to develop a service will that provide a Housing MOT for older people; a cross tenure service that will enable older people to make informed choices about their future housing and care options in advance of a health and care crisis …Read More