Vision, values and quality assurance

“Our Constitution as a charity defines our mission, which is to help older people to make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs.”

We aim to ensure that we deliver the highest quality services, and operate to the ethical standards you would expect of a national charity.

Our vision is:

  • to play our part, with partners, in delivering fully comprehensive, independent and good quality information and services to older people and their families covering housing, support and care;
  • to make effective use of web technology to support this;
  • to attract and retain skilled and strongly motivated people into EAC;
  • to operate in ways that build and maintain the trust and respect of other organisations.

Our values include:

  • placing older people at the centre of everything we do;
  • involving older people in shaping and delivering our services;
  • tailoring our services to the needs of each customer;
  • being a learning organisation;
  • being transparent about our how we conduct our business;
  • keeping our main services free of charge.

More about our vision and values

Our quality standards are designed to ensure our clients receive a good quality service from all partners in FirstStop Advice, and to evidence this through ongoing customer satisfaction surveys.

View our national quality standards

View our local quality standards

Our privacy and data protection policies spell out how we discharge our responsibility to treat personal information provided by our clients in absolute confidence, and the procedures we follow to ensure that only they can authorise the sharing of their data between FirstStop Advice partner organisations.

View our privacy policy

View our data protect policy and procedures

We have set out as clearly as possible the terms and conditions that you accept when you use this website.

View our terms and conditions

Our intentions in relation to this website’s accessibility to all our user groups are summarised on our accessibility page.

View our accessibility pages

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