Tools & apps

As part of EAC FirstStop’s growing methods of information and advice delivery, we have developed a number of tools and apps that can be used by both clients and local caseworkers for the purpose of understanding, and increasing awareness of, housing and care options.

Guides and factsheets

EAC Firststop produce nearly 30 factsheets and guides to help older people and their families on a range of housing and care issues. These are reviewed and updated each year and play a big part in the advice service that the FirstStop team provide.

Information resources

Our sister website,, provides access to EAC’s extensive information resources. Of particular interest to our FirstStop partners are our home services directory, accommodation directory, library and personalised ‘options reports’.

Quality Assurance Framework

The FirstStop Quality Assurance (QA) Framework is a generic tool to monitor the quality of housing and care options advice and information services. It is used by EAC to monitor FirstStop’s national service, and will be equally useful to local FirstStop delivery partners as a resource for self-assessment and external accreditation.

Training & learning resources

EAC and FirstStop, in partnership with Care and Repair England, publish a number of self-training documents designed to support caseworkers and local advice agencies with understanding a variety of matters that relate to housing & care options and related finance.

Independent evaluation

CCHPR at the University of Cambridge has been undertaking an independent evaluation of the FirstStop service since November 2009.

Practice Sharing

As part of our Later Life Research programme, EAC and FirstStop often produce research relating to a particular service, idea or topic that we feel is of importance, or would be of interest, to those working in the advice and information sector.

Support line

The FirstStop advice service offer independent information & advice across a range of specialisms, including housing and care.

Promotional materials

FirstStop can provide a number of promotional materials for use by our partners. In all cases, PDFs can be downloaded below, and are free to use.