Vision and values

Our vision

  • National Advice Line service: A clearly specified service to help clients explore and evaluate options; the information and advice service of choice for older people; well known, securely funded and sustainable.
  • FirstStop network and services: A network of local and national service providers working together to provide a high quality ‘one stop’ service using web technology, telephone, face-to-face and other delivery methods; delivering to agreed values and quality standards; providing a good user experience for all clients.
  • Uses of ICT and web: To be at the cutting edge of exploring use of web technology to reach more people, deliver more personalised services, enable older people to share information with their peers, and incorporate rich, user-generated content into our datasets.
  • Workforce and trustee development: To attract and retain skilled and strongly motivated people; to develop and deliver EAC / FirstStop services relevant to fast moving times.
  • Relationships with partners and funders: To secure EAC’s future by operating in ways that build and maintain the trust and respect of others.

Our values

  • Continuing to excel in our field; to grow in scale, profile and influence; and to survive in an increasingly competitive, commercial environment.
  • Placing older people at the centre of what we do.
  • Offering flexible and versatile services that ensure that each customer receives a service that is right for them.
  • Maintaining a universal service, available to older people in all their diversity and aiming to be relevant to all.
  • Being a learning organisation, eliminating barriers between service delivery to end users and our other activities of information gathering, networking, engagement with older people and peer advice.
  • Maintaining comprehensive and accurate datasets of information about accommodation, care and other services for older people.
  • Being clear across all our services about the sources and the reliability of our information, and being transparent about any commercial considerations that impact on the selection or presentation of information.
  • Being transparent about the nature of our relationship with all FirstStop partners, particularly where commercial interests are involved.
  • Building and maintaining the confidence and trust of all our partners, supporters, investors and grant funders.
  • Being willing to engage with families and carers of older people, and having clear policies and procedures to govern the complexity of doing so.
  • Involving older people in shaping, delivering and quality assuring our services.
  • Keeping our main services free of charge.
  • Making sure that all our services are cost effective and good value for money.